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Tribute Night

Tribute Night is a long and winding train ride through the wonderful, eclectic world of popular music and a celebration of its most important, influential, innovative and fun exponents.  These are the people who crafted the soundtracks of our lives.

It’s a simple but winning formula: every three months, a different artist is featured and a varied bunch of local musicians play a varied bunch of songs by the featured artist.  Occasionally, it is more of a theme than an artist.  All are welcome to get involved, either by choosing a song or two to learn and play on the night or by just coming to listen and sing along.  If you’ve been to one of these nights before, you’ll know that they can be silly amounts of fun.

Tribute Night usually takes place on the first Fridays of February, May, August and November, although there are occasional exceptions.

To find out more, including how to get involved, send an email to Zac at TributeNight@hotmail.co.uk and join the mailing list.  You can also visit our Facebook page for more information.


A Brief History Of Tribute Night

The seeds were sown when esteemed performance poet, celebrated author and local legend, AF Harrold, thought it might be rather fun to organise an evening of Leonard Cohen songs in July 2005.  It was so successful and fun that he repeated the whole exercise a year later, decided to hold similar nights for different artists at quarterly intervals, and thus was spawned Tribute Night.

Now eleven years old, the Tribute Night formula has been applied to the following artists and themes:

  1. Leonard Cohen - August 2006
  2. Prince - November 2006
  3. David Bowie - February 2007
  4. The Beatles - May 2007
  5. Bob Dylan - August 2007
  6. Frank Zappa - November 2007
  7. Queen - February 2008
  8. Blondie - May 2008
  9. The Kinks - August 2008
  10. XTC - November 2008
  11. The Smiths & Morrissey - February 2009
  12. Kate Bush - April 2009
  13. Led Zeppelin - August 2009
  14. The Cure - November 2009
  15. The Rolling Stones - February 2010
  16. Madness - May 2010
  17. Fleetwood Mac - August 2010
  18. Depeche Mode - November 2010
  19. The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed - February 2011
  20. Elvis Costello - May 2011
  21. One Hit Wonders - 5th Birthday Special - August 2011
  22. Pink Floyd - November 2011
  23. Pulp - February 2012
  24. ABBA - May 2012
  25. Joni Mitchell - August 2012
  26. Black Sabbath - November 2012
  27. Pet Shop Boys - February 2013
  28. R.E.M. - May 2013
  29. Björk - August 2013
  30. Bruce Springsteen - November 2013
  31. The Clash - February 2014
  32. Bee Gees - May 2014
  33. The Who - August 2014
  34. Beck - November 2014
  35. T.Rex - February 2015
  36. 60 Years Of Eurovision - May 2015
  37. Nirvana - August 2015
  38. Chic - November 2015
  39. Then That’s What We Called Music 1991 - Celebrating The Rising Sun’s 25th Birthday - February 2016
  40. It’s Your Birthday Number Ones! - pre-10th Birthday Special - May 2016
  41. Tribute Night’s Greatest Hits - 10th Birthday Special - August 2016
  42. Radiohead - Tribbers’ Choice - November 2016
  43. George Michael & Wham! - February 2017
  44. Status Quo - May 2017
  45. Carole King - August 2017
  46. Bob Marley - November 2017

In addition to the above, there are the occasional ‘off-piste’ specials to mark particular occasions, standing outside the regular quarterly schedule.  So far, these have included the following:


  • Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
  • Preacher John, Madness, Tribute Night
  • Desdemona, Fleetwood Mac, Tribute Night
  • Midimidis, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Tribute Night
  • One Hit Wonders, Tribute Night
  • Traffic Cone Man, Pink Floyd, Tribute Night
  • Pulp, Tribute Night
  • Stuart Clark, Sarah Lucas, Björk, Tribute Night
  • Haze, Bruce Springsteen, Tribute Night
  • Buildings On Fire, The Clash, Tribute Night
  • The Kazoopremes, Bee Gees, Tribute Night
  • The Who, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
  • Beck, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre


Hi Everyone As World Cup fever is starting to mount, I, your humble narrator, would like to announce my retirement from international football given that I wasn't selected for the England squad (again).
Hi Everyone   A little thank you to everyone and anyone who crossed our threshold last weekend, it was nice to see a myriad of familiar and not-so-familiar faces at one of the busiest couple of days we've seen for a little while.  
Rising Sun Arts Centre, Tribute Night, Beck
Now approaching its ninth year, the Tribute Night train rattles on through the sprawling, awe-inspiring landscape of popular music.  The most recent night, on Friday 7 November, was devoted to the postmodern eclecticism of Beck, from soul prankster to melancholic troubadour and all stops in betwe