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What will you try on Dance Day?

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Dance Day 2019 is nearly upon us, bringing another full day of free taster classes of some classic and unusual dances.

It all kicks off from 10:30 this Sunday, 10th March, and promises to be another wonderful day for all. But rather than just throw out some generic marketing spiel, we reached out to each of our resident dance instructors to ask them why you should give their dance a try…

10:30 - La Rueda - Larry Watson
“La Rueda is Cuban salsa danced in the wheel. It's designed to be fun and you get to dance with a whole room full of people at the same time.”
Regular La Rueda classes take place on alternate Wednesdays at 9pm

11:15 - Balboa - Lynn Maslen/Balboa Mondays
“Balboa is a partner dance from the 1930s and 1940s from the Balboa Peninsula in Southern California by the teenagers of their day and reflects this happy but laid back lifestyle found in this part of the world. After a revival in the 1990s swing dancing has exploded in popularity and balboa is one of this family but without all the aerials of some of other swing dances making it suitable for all ages and abilities. Balboa is danced to fabulous swing music so if you love music or love dance this is a great one to try.”
Regular Balboa Mondays classes take place on Mondays at 8:30

12:00 - Bachata - BachaKiz Reading
“We love to add that extra FUN EXCITING HEALTHY factor to your ldance life experience… we dont just want people to feel the passion but to also share share it with others via our dance nights ”
Regular Bachata Mondays classes take place on Mondays at 7:30

12:45 - Tango - Larry Watson
“Tango is a dance of possibilities. Each dance is improvised and is created in the moment from the connection between the dancers.”
Regular Argentine Tango classes take place on alternate Thursdays at 7:30pm

1:30 - Kizomba - BachaKiz Reading
Their quote about Bachata applies to Kizomba too. It's all about the fun with BachaKiz Reading!
There are no current regular Kizomba classes at the centre - but watch this space!

2:15 - Solo Jazz - Jon Strickland/Reading Swing Jam
“Reading Swing Jam are well versed in introducing newcomers to the world of dancing through the wide breadth of rhythm and musicality in the swing era. Come and take your first steps into an addictive world of stomps, shuffles, taps and slides and discover how easy it is to let your body join in with your ears!"
Regular Solo Jazz (& Charleston) classes take place on Mondays at 7:15pm

3:00 - Tap - Natalie Wilcox
“Total beginners are welcome and it's great fun!”
Regular tap classes take place on Mondays at 7:15pm

3:45 - Dabka - Dima
Dabka isn't usually taught at the centre, so this is a unique opportunity to try out this traditional middle-eastern dance that combines line and circle dancing, with much stamping of the feet.

4:30 - Instructor demos
The experts get to strut their stuff!

Excited? We are! See you on Sunday.

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