30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Club Velocity

Club Velocity is Reading's leading bandnight and has been happening at the Rising Sun Arts Centre since March 2003 hosting the likes of Bloc Party (before anyone cared – the band still claim it as one of their favourite venues), Elle Milano, Help She Can’t Swim, New Rhodes and so on. The Mail on Sunday showed up once. Chris Hufford (Manager of Radiohead/Supergrass) paid to get in and loved the centre. John Moore (Ex Jesus and Mary Chain) has been down once or twice. 

Club Velocity takes place every fourth Friday of the month.


Hi Everyone Maybe I, your humble narrator, have an overactive mind, however, I swear that was the now erstwhile Man Utd manager David Moyes I saw hovering around Rising Sun HQ last night offering to help with any odd jobs...
Hi Everyone Unfrotunately folks, time is not exactly on the side of I, your humble narrator, this week.  Due to something called insomnia and people on the radio droning on about Froch v Groves there is slightly greater urgency than usual to get some shut-eye
Hi Everyone I, your humble narrator, have just had a fascinating glimpse into the year 2074.  People are slightly taller, luminous socks and flared trousers are back in style and somewhat unsurprisingly, people are still moaning about England in the World Cup.
Hi Everyone I do hope the current cold/wet spell hasn't dampened your spirits.  But if it has and even if you're well hard and it hasn't, we have one event for your delectation and delight this weekend... On Friday, we bring you CLUB VELOCITY