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Tribute Night: Status Quo

Free admission, but donations firmly encouraged - suggested £5 minimum

A night of heads-down, no-nonsense, hard boogie is what we’re proposing for the 2017 spring edition of Tribute Night.

Formed in the mid-1960s from members of the bands The Spectres and The Highlifes, the ‘Quo’ had early success with the psychedelic pop of Pictures Of Matchstick Men, but soon jettisoned that sound for hard rock boogie, becoming one of the UK’s most enduring bands by sticking to a winning formula for six decades.  Sadly, co-frontman Rick Parfitt was one of the many high profile musical heroes to be claimed by 2016’s scythe-happy culture cull.  But we were going to do a Quo night eventually anyway...

D’ya wanna piece of Quo night?  You know the routine.  If you want to play a song or two, ping an email to TributeNight@hotmail.co.uk to let me know and occupy a cell on my trusty spreadsheet.  You may also reserve a slot if you know you want to take part but have yet to settle on a specific title.

As always, there is no admission fee as such, but you will be expected to donate extravagantly when the hat-bearers circulate the building during the interval, and you will be thoroughly guilt-tripped until you comply, so keep at least a fiver aside.

Doors open at 8pm for a prompt 8:30pm start.

For more information about Tribute Night, visit the Tribute Night page on this site, visit our Facebook page, and join the mailing list.

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