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Tribute Night: Chic

Free admission, but you will be expected to donate at least £5 during the interval.

For the 2015 autumn edition of Tribute Night, we swagger into New York’s Studio 54 and sample the funky delights of disco’s greatest band. If they let us in, that is…

Chic stood out from the heavily producer-dominated field of late-’70s disco by being a proper band.  Their sound was anchored by the scratchy, bouncy rhythm guitar of Nile Rodgers, the indelible, widely imitated bass lines of Bernard Edwards, and the elegantly muscular drumming of Tony Thompson.  They eschewed the over-produced excesses of their contemporaries by stripping disco’s sound down to its basic primal elements and keeping the emphasis on groove.  This organic approach resulted in some of the finest dance singles of their time and helped create a template for urban funk, dance-pop and hip-hop in the post-disco era.  Rodgers & Edwards became two of the most in-demand producers of the ’80s and their records have been sampled countless times.

Come and hear a varied bunch of local(ish) musicians performing songs by Chic, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Carly Simon, Debbie Harry, Daft Punk etc...

Admission, as always, is free, but start practising scooping fistfuls of cash from your pocket and dropping it into a hat so that it is practically habitual by the time you are required to make a donation on the night.

Doors open at 8pm for a prompt 8:30pm start.

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Now go and dive into Chic! C’est magnifique!

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  • Chic, Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
  • Chic, Nile Rodgers, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre

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