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Leonard Cohen Night III: Sing Another Song, Boys

Donations will be taken during the event - £5 minimum

To mark ten years since the original Leonard Cohen Night: Happy At Last, the event that sowed the seeds for what would become known as Tribute Night, we’re doing it all again.

Once upon a ten years ago, esteemed performance poet, celebrated author and local legend, AF Harrold, thought it might be rather fun to organise an evening of Leonard Cohen songs.  He invited his musical chums to join him so it wouldn’t be just him doing it all and so at least some other people would turn up.  He even secured the blessing of Laughing Len himself, who sent approving messages and a few personal trinkets to add a little pizzazz to the occasion.  It happened on 15 July 2005.  It was so successful and fun that AF repeated the whole exercise on 4 August 2006, with some different people doing mostly different Lenny songs, and this became the beginning of a regular quarterly event that we started calling Tribute Night.

In 2016, we will be celebrating ten years of Tribute Night, but this July, we’ll be having a ‘Pre-10th Anniversary Tribute Night Prologue-Show Re-enacted Reprisal Of The Original Standalone Experiment Leonard Cohen Night’ (I expect we can find a snappier title for that) to be co-hosted by original Tribute Night curator AF Harrold and current Tribute Night compère Damien A Passmore. How exciting is that exactly?!  All of the exciting, that’s how exciting exactly!

So, if you want to perform at this event, the usual procedure applies: please send an email to tributenight@hotmail.co.uk with your song choices and I’ll add them to the list if there’s still room and if your song has not already been bagsied.  There is still room, but hurry as it is filling up quickly.  First come, first served.

What are you doing still reading this?  Go and listen to the entire Leonard Cohen back catalogue!  QUICK!  GO!


For more information, visit the Tribute Night page on this site, visit our Facebook page, and join the mailing list.

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  • Leonard Cohen, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
  • Leonard Cohen, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre

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