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The Great Big Tribute Night Quiz Of Everything Tribute Night 15th Birthday Quiz Night! (We’re going to have to think of a snappier name for that.)

£5 per person plus booking fee, sold in tables of four to six people per team, plus optional donations

Tribute Night is back! Sort of!

It’s been a while, ain’t it? You may have noticed that Tribute Night has taken a bit of a sabbatical. Apologies for not bringing you the much anticipated Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child night as previously promised – rest assured that this will happen one day if we can find a way of making it work safely – not that I am suggesting that there is anything unsafe about Beyoncé specifically, but you know…

In the meanwhile, we would like to invite you to a very special and even-more-off-piste-even-for-us 15th birthday event, for ’tis true that Tribute Night began its run of daftitude 15 years ago in August 2006 with the second Leonard Cohen night – those of you who have been following Tribute Night history closely will understand how that works, but it’s not important right now…

…but a solid working knowledge of Tribute Night history and the artists tributed* therein will stand you in good stead for our very special 15th birthday quiz of all things Tribute Night.

This will be an outdoor event with bar service in the uniquely picturesque surrounds of the Rising Sun Arts Centre car park, welcoming you in from 5pm for a 5.30pm kick off, aiming to wrap things up by 8.30pm.

This is a fund-raising event towards a brand spanking new ventilation system to be installed in the building to make the indoor space a much safer and healthier place to hold full capacity shows once more, including Tribute Night… hopefully, one day.

Tickets will be advance only, £5 per person plus booking fee, sold in tables of four to six people per team. There’s also the option to add a donation to the ventilation fund when purchasing your tickets – every little helps (every lot helps even more).

Here’s the link for tickets. Here's the link to the Facebook event.

Expect the usual levels of silliness and mirth in a slightly different format. Further details to follow as Damien & Zac continue to plot and scheme in various mutually convenient beer gardens.

Can’t wait to get the band back together – that’s you lot!


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