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Tribute Night: The Who

Free admission, but donations will be taken during the event - suggested £5 minimum

In the 2014 summer edition of Tribute Night, we'll be targeting the mod movement and celebrating the music of Townshend, Entwistle, Moon & Daltrey.

Spearheading the mid-’60s mod movement, The Who were a dynamic and powerful sonic force as a live rock band, with John Entwistle’s hyperactive basslines and Keith Moon’s vigorous, seemingly chaotic drumming, improvising wildly over Pete Townshend’s foundation of furious guitar, while Roger Daltrey belted out his vocals. On record, Townshend pushed the group toward more ambitious sonic territory, incorporating pop art and conceptual extended musical pieces into their style. The remainder of The Who, especially Entwistle and Daltrey, weren’t always eager to follow him in his musical explorations. Instead, they wanted to stick to their hard rock roots, playing brutally loud, macho music instead of Townshend’s textured song suites and vulnerable pop songs. Eventually, this resulted in the group abandoning their adventurous spirit in the mid-’70s, as they settled into their role as arena rockers. However, there’s little argument that Townshend was one of the finest songwriters of his era and, at their peak, The Who were one of the most innovative and powerful bands in rock history.

Admission, as always, is free, but you will be expected to donate extravagantly when the hat-bearers circulate the building during the interval, and you will be thoroughly guilt-tripped until you comply, so bring a spare fiver at the very least.

Doors open at 8pm for a prompt 8:30pm start.

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  • The Who, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
  • Rising Sun Arts Centre, Tribute Night, The Who
  • The Who Tribute Night - 1 August 2014

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