30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Tribute Night: Billy Joel

No admission charge, but donations will be collected - £5 minimum

All aboard!  We’re off once again, trundling along the Tribute Night tracks of pop towards our next stop, and our 2018 spring destination is the US suburb of Billy Joel.

He wrote some flippin’ corkers, did our Billy, drawing on a rich musical heritage including rock’n’roll, blues, soul, jazz, classical, doo-wop, Broadway, The Beatles, and Tin Pan Alley, riddled with hooks and melodies, and painting lyrical vignettes of everyman working life in the US.  In some ways, he was like Springsteen with a piano.

Billy’s songs lend themselves obligingly to all sorts of imaginative interpretations and innovative rearrangements.  Fancy it?  Throw your virtual hat into the ring by sending an email to TributeNight@hotmail.co.uk.

The date is another slight deviation from the regular pattern, swerving Reading Beer Festival, which often herds up many of our regular performers for its music programme.

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