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Tribute Night: The Clash

Free Entry - Donations during interval
The 2014 winter edition of Tribute Night sees us doing combat with The Clash.

The Sex Pistols may have been the first British punk rock band, but The Clash were the definitive British punk rockers. Where The Sex Pistols were nihilistic, The Clash were fiery and idealistic, charged with righteousness and a leftist political ideology. From the outset, the band was more musically adventurous, expanding its hard rock & roll with reggae, dub and rockabilly among other roots musics. Furthermore, they were blessed with two exceptional songwriters in Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, each with a distinctive voice and style. The Clash copped heavily from classic outlaw imagery, positioning themselves as rebels with a cause. As a result, they won a passionately devoted following on both sides of the Atlantic. Though The Clash never became the superstars they always threatened to become, they restored passion and protest to rock & roll. For a while, they really did seem like “the only band that mattered.”

The night is now as full as an egg. We have an evening rammed with songs and people performing them. Even the substitute bench is heaving and creaking with people hoping that some of those other people will suddenly remember they are skiing in Chamonix that week and make space for different people and songs. If you haven't already gone on the list, then it is now rather too late. But come anyway because it will be dead good.

Admission, as always, is free, but start practising scooping fistfuls of cash from your pocket and dropping it into a hat so that it is practically habitual by the time we get to the interval.

Doors open at 8pm for a prompt 8:30pm start.

Contact tributenight@hotmail.co.uk to join the mailing list and stay up to date with all future Tribute Night doings.

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  • The Clash, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
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  • The Clash, Tribute Night, Rising Sun Arts Centre
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