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This Weekend's Events - 25th to 27th April

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Hi Everyone

Maybe I, your humble narrator, have an overactive mind, however, I swear that was the now erstwhile Man Utd manager David Moyes I saw hovering around Rising Sun HQ last night offering to help with any odd jobs...

... Anyhow, as much as we like to think that every weekend at the RIsing Sun is special, we really do have something that lives up to that word!

That's because, on Friday, CLUB VELOCITY is proud to bring you the one and only TV SMITH!

TV Smith is a proper legend.  He has NEVER been part time.

TV Smith and Gaye Black (aka Gaye Advert) both moved from Bideford, a small coastal town in Devon, to form punk band The Adverts in London in 1976.
The Adverts were best known for their 1977 single "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" and a critically acclaimed debut album "Crossing The Red Sea". Following an unsuccessful follow-up album, The Adverts split up in November 1979, and Smith formed a new band, T.V. Smith's Explorers. The Explorers released debut single "Tomahawk Cruise", a response to the installation of Tomahawk Cruise missiles on UK soil, followed by an album, "The Last Words of the Great Explorer"
Smith then recorded as a solo artist, releasing the album Channel Five in 1983.
Smith's next band was Cheap. They toured the UK and Europe from 1986 to 1991 and recorded the politically charged single "Third Term", and also recorded a 'Peel Session' for the BBC. However, they failed to find commercial backing for their album "RIP... Everything Must Go, and it was finally released in 1993, after the band had split up.
Smith went solo again and continues as such today, recording and performing his own songs, often with the backing of a variety of other bands, particularly while touring abroad. This includes Germany's Die Toten Hosen, Finland's Punk Lurex OK, The United States' Midnight Creeps, and Spain's Suzy & Los Quattro.
In 2005, he joined the American punk band Amen on their UK tour. As well as supporting, he joined Amen on stage for several covers of Adverts songs, such as "One Chord Wonders", and "Gary Gilmore's Eyes". Casey Chaos, lead singer, is a lifelong fan of The Adverts, and referenced them in the song "Hello (One Chord Lovers)".
In 2006 Smith contributed vocals to the song "Ein Jahr(es geht voran)" on Fehlfarben's album 261/2. The same year saw his first release on Boss Tuneage records, a working relationship which has continued to the present day. In 2010 a series of re-issue CDs began with 'Sparkle In The Mud'] a compilation of previously unreleased material from the early-1980s period.
In 2012, Smith was the subject of a BBC4 documentary on his career as a singer-songwriter, credited with renewing public interest in his work
There's also able support from
Singer, songwriter, part-time astronaut, would-be crime fighter, scared of most things, including space and crime.  Also usually seen in local punks Launch Control.
Local boy did good.He speaks Japanesse and apparently, punk rock ruined his life.

On Saturday, Man United will probably lose to Norwich and the "Bring Back Moyes" campaign will begin in earnest.

It's also time for FIESTA LATINA

A little piece of Cuba hidden away in Reading. A relaxed and friendly Latin party with lots of Latin music so you can dance, or just socialise. You can expect plenty of Salsa, tango and whatever the mood suggests: bachata, milonga, merengue and reggaeton. Maybe more!
We’re open from 9pm and it’ll cost you a paltry £6.to get in

Finally on Sunday, we have CRASH TEST DRAMA

The Crash Test Drama group meet on the last Sunday of every month with great opportunities to create drama…
They can provide constructive feedback on your audition pieces, help you source new writing, or set up a workshop with other actors and a director.
If you've written a piece that you'd like to see acted out? We will throw some actors at you, perform it and provide feedback.
Cold readings, moved readings, targeted workshops and feedback sessions - all to help inspire your next writing project.
If you're looking for guidance on a specific area of acting or directing? We can arrange for an experienced actor or director to come along and work through it with you.
We're open from 6.30pm to 9pm.  Cost dependent on requirement but general attendance is £5. Contact: crashtestdramauk@hotmail.co.uk for more info or find them on Facebook.

That's everything for another weekend, just to remind you that you can find us at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST  (If you put us in your Google or Sat Nav, we shall magically appear)

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