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Crowdfunder Update

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Since we launched our fundraiser last year, we’ve been blown away by the support (and love) we’ve received from so many people. It really is quite humbling.

Between the online crowdfunder and a number of other fundraising events – including two very sizeable donations courtesy of the John Sykes Foundation and the Great Big Vent Event held at South Street in our honour, we’re very pleased to say that we’ve hit our target of £10,000 and the cost of the ventilation system can be paid in full!

Thank you all so, SO much.

Having the ventilation (plus air con and heaters) has helped us get back on the road to normal and made everyone feel much more safe in the centre as we emerge from the shadow of Covid. It’s great to see the place full of life and increasingly full of events again.

We’re actually a bit over that £10k mark – our tally runs at about £11,400 at the moment – which means we’re on our way to being able to hit our stretch goals of £3,500 for PA/sound equipment (a list which now includes a new bass amp, as our old one went kaput last year!), and £2,000 for lighting. 

So we’re keeping the crowdfunder open in the hope that your continued support will help us reach these additional goals and get our events sounding and looking better than ever!

You can continue to donarte via our Just Giving Page

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Hi Everyone,
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Happy New Year

We’d like to wish all our friends, old and new, a very happy and safe New Year. New Year is always a time of reflection on the past and a look forward into the future with renewed hope.