30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

The ZAP Festive, Christmas Show


The Zap Festive, Christmas Show Presents an evening of seasonal fun and entertainment for your delectation and delight.

Featuring songs, sketches, terpsichorean displays and mental gymnastics for the whole family. 

Presented by ‘They’re At It Again’ Your Hosts: Inimically Philtin and Marlip from their award winning ‘One Man Show’ The Philtin and Marlip Show. (As seen on The Television). 

Is It Santa? Mr Tim Murgatroyd ‘The Voice of Christmas’, will entrance you with his performance of A Silent Night. 

Be transported to a magical winter wonderland by our very own Home Sweet Home. “The Angelic Quartet who will truly be ‘Walking in the Air’ with their unique rendition of this popular classic. 

And What will You Make Of: The surreal exploits of Starkey and The Moon Doctor appearing with their metaphysical friends. A conundrum to be sure. 

Gasp with Amazement! The Great Martino will astound you with his mind Reading powers (Be careful what you think – The Great Martino will know). 

Christmas, but make it gay: the drag artist Big Jay brings a bit of camp queer energy for your eyes to behold.

And needing no introduction, The Fantastic Freda Staire-Lift, aging juvenile lead, sings and taps her way into Christmas with a nod to Sondheim on the way. 

Being presented at The Rising Sun Institute (The Temperance House in Silver Street Reading) on the 14th day of December this 2021 at 7PM. 

Also on display a selection of art works by the artist Denis Cotter. 

Tickets are Three Pounds and you may reserve your seat by calling the telephone number below. (Places are limited).  

Speak to a member of the Institution on: 0776559433 

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