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The Sunday Alternative - Ponder Aloud 3

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Your philosophical thoughts on the momentous and trivial in a rotating carousel of friendly buddies.

The next Assembly is about thinking and sharing.

This will be our third Ponder Aloud event, where we asked you to share your philosophical thoughts on the momentous and trivial in a rotating carousel of random friendly people.  
My main memory of the last Ponder Aloud event was the moans when we had to stop.
The event borrows the format of speed dating. But we’re looking for intellectual enlightenment, experience sharing, and having a laugh rather than romance. No background in philosophy is required, in the slightest. It’s a great socializing event.

Even our in-house band, The Word Of Bob, will be posing questions in song form. Add all the other magical elements and you’ll find The Sunday Alternative at The  Rising Sun Arts Centre to be the best place to be on a Sunday morning.

About The Sunday Alternative
The Sunday Alternative is a SECULAR congregation that celebrates life, meeting once a month in Reading. Members of the Assembly believe in Living Better, Helping Often and Wondering More, for no other reason than to make the most of the one life we know we have. In the company of a lovely diverse bunch of people, the morning is a lively combination of group singing, silly games, interesting words, and eating cake.

The Sunday Alternative welcomes all - of all ages and all backgrounds.

The Sunday Alternative is free to attend and runs entirely on donations.

The best way to meet new people is to come early and enjoy some tea, coffee, homemade cakes, and savouries (all vegan-friendly).

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