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StrikeUp Forum Theatre Workshop

StrikeUp Forum Theatre Workshops
Create original plays alongside exciting new writers.

Forum Theatre is a live space for testing creative ideas.
At StrikeUp Forum Workshops, we bring local actors together with emerging writers, to generate new plays in a pressure-cooker environment.


  • Each workshop champions one writer, who StrikeUp challenge to create a 10 minute script for 4 actors, of any age, gender or background. 
  • Workshop participants are split into 3 casts, each supported by a member of our creative team
  • Each cast has 2 hours to workshop the script in a different style, before we perform them back to each other at the end
  • We end the night with 1 sizzling debate about where it should go next!
Anyone can sign up to participate as an actor. 
Come and join us - your voice counts.
Forum Workshop #7:  Friday 26th November  7.30 - 10.30pm
Rising Sun Arts Centre
Spaces £20
Booking Enquiries to: rachel@strikeuptheatre.co.uk 

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