30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Odissi and Kathak Dance

One class £11 / both classes £20

Odissi from 10.15-11am Kathak from 11-12 noon £11 per session/two workshops combined price £20

Odissi: Odissi is a beautiful classical dance which originates from Odisha in the eastern province of India. Odissi is the oldest Indian classical dance form and is based on fluid structural movements (inspired and developed from the sculptures and architecture of ancient temples in the province). Its a meditative and yogic dance form with an international appeal.

Kathak is a graceful Indian classical form and has its appeal from Bollywood films, its a popular dance form from north India the pirouettes and elegant hand gestures and extensive footwork make it quite unique and beautiful. Kathak means story telling through dance.

The Artistic Director of Kala The Arts Sushmita Pati a pioneer of developing this form in the Uk will lead the session.

An established Arts in Education charity, Kala The Arts creates, curates and works with professional artists to provide a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise in South Asian Dance in the UK and beyond.

More information at: www.kalathearts.co.uk

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