30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Bad Worm Presents: The Bourbon Massive, Landlord Lynch, Pea Girl, Nuke Cucumber

£3 advance, £5 on the door (cash or card)

The Bad Worm himself has curated a selection of some of Reading's finest and most outrageous punk music for your listening pleasure.

The Bourbon Massive- The intricate lamentations of Reading's only biscuit themed band. Odes to FILTH! BOOZE! ABSURDITY!

Landlord Lynch- Reasonably adequate. A couple of wry punk rockers. 'Milk in the Kettle!'

Pea Girl- DISTURBED FEMININITY. Screaming guitar and vocals meet pounding drum tracks.

Nuke Cucumber- The radioactive gherkins Shay and Styli present you Nuke Cuke! NC! Punk duo.

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