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This Weekend's Events (17th to 19th May)

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Hi Everyone

At the Rising Sun we do pride ourselves on being different from the rest of the herd.  So much so, that we really can't be done with the cringing cult of celebrity.  

When Mrs Leadbetter of Surbiton is at great pains to let us know that she spotted Pete Doherty looking for a garlic crusher in John Lewis or Mr Howard of Brabourne saw Marilyn Manson buying trade emulsion in B&Q, we normally tend to switch off.  However we are not totally immune, since our last communication both Danny Baker and Jeremy Kyle have turned up on our doorstep.  It seems both have turned their backs on fame, so we found it in our hearts to see how they coped with making a cup of tea.  It wasn't a success and we had to wake up Nigel, our Staffordshire Terrier-Hyaena cross to get them off our premises.  

By the way, Jeremy, where we come from, it should be a tea bag for each drinker and an extra bag for the pot.  Also, you do not put the tea bags or the milk in the bloody kettle... what are they teaching in school these days?

And if you can tear yourselves away from Channel Five's "Never Seen A Pizza Wheel and Proud", we have something happening events-wise

On Saturday, it's time for another CLUB VELOCITY

The third Saturday of the month?  The third Saturday of the month at a certain venue in Reading? Surely that means another helping of one of the best band nights in town.  (I mean, seriously, why on earth would you want to watch Eurovision when you could be here?)

"Truly great.  Punk n beats.  Roll n Rock.  Genius" so it says here

Best New Band In Reading, even though we say so ourselves.

Becoming firm Rising Sun faves.  Two piece from Oxford.  Left of centre pop music for kids who know their Punk Rock.  A great band for exciting times

We'll be open at 8pm.  And it'll cost you £7 on the door to get in or £5 in advance from www.wegottickets.com

And before we sign off, it's also worth letting you know that If you like board games and fancy a relaxing evening playing games in a friendly environment, why not come down to the centre on Monday?
The bar will be open and there is a large selection of games to choose from, or if you want, bring your own and show us how it's done!  Either play with friends or join in a game at one of the other tables.

We're open at 7pm and it's absolutely free!

That’s everything for another week, just to remind you that we are, as always, at 30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST (If you pop it into your satnav or Google, we shall magically appear!)

Have a nice weekend!

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