30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Love Love Live: Adam & Elvis/The Purple Lights/Human In Bloom/Ham Legion


Mark Jones, pioneer behind Wall of Sound, invites you to experience some of his favourite new discoveries. In a series of new music happenings he presents Love Love Live.

Tonight, art-pop luminaries Adam & Elvis headline, oozing an up-tempo romanticism as lead singer Patrick’s deep, bombastic vocals dance around vibrant harmonics. They share a provocative outlook, with a deeply poetic lyricism, bizarre and comedic, accompanied by shimmering guitars, dirty basslines and quirky synths.  Their recent album release Pub Grub was met with support from press and radio alike and the brothers return to their hometown following a UK tour around London, Bristol, Bath, Liverpool and Leeds.

The Purple Lights return with their unique blend of rock, reggae and smattering of loopstation magic, a sound that evokes the upbeat buoyancy of Vampire Weekend amongst a surge of Afrobeat wig-outs reminiscent of Fuck Buttons. Having just released Lake, they take a step out of the studio, where they have been preparing for the release of their debut EP in 2019.

Human In Bloom bring a paranormal blend of noir rock and electronic psychedelics. A wonderous collision of crashing sounds create a galactic ambience, as they take you on whirring space encounters. Evoking moments of Muse, Manic Street Preachers or Jane’s Addiction, in an existentialist search for freedom. Taking an objective perspective from outer-space, as they confront the power struggles of today, including politics, truths, freedom, psychology and rebellion.

Ham Legion kick-off proceedings, their sound bursting with a beaming up-beat power pop, grinding grunge and dramatic changes of mood. Ham Legion's compact mini-epics dive through all this into sudden passages of twisting, complex prog back to the Englishness of 60s pop, 70s punk and 80s new wave, then to occasional moments of restrained delivery and somber reflection. A bizarre but compelling mish-mash of styles and influences in bite-sized chunks.

Sat 23 Mar, 7:30pm

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