30 Silver Street, Reading, RG1 2ST

Club Velocity presents Ocean Ruins/Eat Daddy Eat/The Treacle Foundry

£5 (advance) www.wegottickets.com

Club Velocity presents a good old rocknroll

knees up.Fed up with land fill indie nonsense.
Top Shop kids.Fake middle class boys
wanting to impression Huw Stephenson...yeah us to.
We Need RockNRoll back...before it dies
into the void of boredom and despair....and becomes a 
long memory and gets a job in IT.....
As Shonen Knife said recently...Reading Rock City!!
Those girls have been rocking for 35 years and they 
are not stopping.....
They have must been on a diet of grunge/90s flange and 
been reading old music reviews by ET,recently..Subpop greatness.
Flannel shirt brillance.Sounding like The Muffs when they ruled.
Like Courtney after she married Kurt.Like eating ice cream
on a hot Sunday afternoon.When blogs were still cut n paste.
Seattle coffee laid rock and huge slab of roll.Now make complete 
sense in 2018.John Peel is a huge fan. 
You can definately see their band name on a T Shirt that would 
not be sold in H&M.Rock garage roll from East Reading.
the depths of cementry junction.They are let out once in a
while to blow your mind.All the greateest bands in the history of popular
music have been three pieces.No band needs three guitars.
Perfect Devil Music for the masses.
Are wonderfully hairy.Not in some Hoxton beardy-craft beer 
way.In a Oxford Road,RG30 kinda way.Sludge dirty mother blues punk.
For people who hate you.Like a bomb going off in your trousers.Perfect.
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